New Romper

I just bought this pattern and had to try it out for a couple of people. It can be made with our without snaps and you can use fabric or ribbon for the tie. I think this will be so cute with a long sleeve shirt or turtleneck:)

Sizes: NB - 10
Price: $19.00

9 month

12 month


Day Gown

Saturday I spent the day in a sewing class with my MIL where we made day gowns....she made a yellow gown and mine is lilac. I wasn't sure I'd be very successful at this but I really wanted to try. It was such a FUN day! The ladies who taught the class were hilarious and had beautiful samples of things they have made in the past. My MIL was a huge help to me (especially with the lace). Right now the gown is hanging in my kitchen so I can glance at it as I pass by:)

For all of you out there who think you might want to try sewing...GO FOR IT!! It's definitely something you won't regret whether you make one thing or many!

I still need to make the slip, but overall I'm very happy that I took the class. I learned so much!


Boy Boy Boy!

Here are some boy pants I've made this week. Since I'm always shopping for a girl, it's fun to see what's out there for little boys.

you can't tell from my picture, but the blue pants and green pants are a small plaid pattern....very cute!!


Girl Pants and Top

Enjoy the pictures...more to post later:) Happy Weekend!


Just Finished

A few things I just finished:)

Ruffle Top(size 6) and Ruffle Pants(size 5)

Ruffle Pants - size 5

This Caroline Top (size 6) goes with...

these Ruffle Pants (size 5)!



I've made so many pants in the last few days! Here are a few pictures....I still have a few more coming soon:)

On another note, I'm so excited because I finally have a sewing room...whoo hoo! Want details? I made some room in my laundry room (it's more like the size of a closet)....but my little table fits just perfect. I was working at the kitchen table and putting everything away each day (well, almost every day). All my sewing stuff was really taking over the kitchen. I thought about asking my husband to share his "man" room...but then I thought maybe the laundry room would work...and IT DID! It makes things SO much easier. Maybe one day I'll have a regular size room, but for now I'm happy and content with my little area:)

Ruffle Pants - size 2

Ruffle Pants - size 9mo -- they look so small to me:)

Ruffle Pants - size 18 months

Boy Pants - size 2

Boy Pants - size 2


Round Neck & Pants

Round Neck Tops and Ruffle Pants



Here is a super cute corduroy top I just finished. It has matching pants using the fabric of the ties. I also took pictures of some corduroy pants I recently made.

Knot Top - size 3

Ruffle Pants - size 2 -- don't you just LOVE the ricrac:)

Bloomer Pants - size 2


Excited for Fall

Trying to get a few things finished before we leave for Disney World (whoo hoo!). This fabric makes me excited for Fall...I love the colors!

Size 2 - Knot Top and Ruffle Pants

This top happened by accident. While I was cutting out fabric I realized I had some extra and there was just enough for this top:)
Size 2 - Ruffle Top and Ruffle Pants

...and does this fabric look familiar??? I made an outfit for someone a while back and loved this fabric so much that I went and bought some for EmK. It's been sitting with my sewing stuff for a couple of months and now it's finally finished:)
Size 2 - Ruffle Top and Ruffle Pants