Baby Gifts

All of these make GREAT baby gifts!  


4th of July

Here's a few things I finished for 4th of July....


Girl Gifts

I went ahead and added a NEW Tab at the top - In-stock Fabric.  Clearly I have WAY too much fabric as every time I went to post the new page, I found more fabric stashed somewhere:)  I will try to keep this page up to date as I get new fabric and use what I have.  Email me if you have questions about fabrics you see on my new page or if you want me to order something different for you. 

Here are some Girl Gifts I worked on last week:)  Lots of bibs and birds!


Playing Catchup

I've been meaning to blog, but this summer has been so busy! I've been trying to organize my sewing supplies because my "supply" of fabric has gotten a little out of control recently.  I am QUICKLY out growing my little sewing room (closet).  I'm always buying extra fabric and I'm finally trying to put a page together so I can add pictures of extra fabric I have in stock for people to view.  More to come soon....

Here are a bunch of BOY things I've completed this past week....LOTS of bloomer shorts for boys...I love these!