2 New Things

FIRST, I finally joined the world of Facebook and started a business page for Sew Happy.  Feel free to go and "like" it and even send it to all your friends:) Shameless plug I know!

SECOND, my sewing patterns are officially being offered in a Sewing Shop.  When I listed them on etsy a couple of months ago, I never really thought beyond that....but you just never know what can happen...so I'm giving it a try.  The patterns are being sold at Sew Close to Home is in Harpersville, AL.  If you live close by you have to check them out.  I met the owner Sue and she is fantastic.  I plan to make a trip to Sew Close to Home to do a little fabric shopping VERY soon!  Oh, and while you are "liking" my page you can "like" her page too:)

Here are a few pictures to throw in.  I have been sewing shorts like crazy.  I have a pile of finished stuff on my kitchen table to take pictures of, but I got absorbed in FB today!


Girl Outfits

PRECIOUS girl outfits with AMAZING fabrics.  People email me all the time because they can't make up their mind....here's a little secret....I usually can't make up my mind either:)  There's just so much CUTE fabric out there!!! 

You'll definitely be seeing the fabric below again.  I emailed my customer as soon as she sent it to me to ask where it came from.  I have a new pattern in mind and plan to use this fabric to make it:)

 Just SO cute!!!


EVAN Pattern

...is NOW posted in my Etsy Shop




I have thoroughly enjoyed my week of vacation (and it's not quite over yet).  Emily Kathryn and I headed to visit my parents for a few days and then met my husband and his family at the beach.  The weather has been amazing in both places and we have loved every minute!  EmK is finally at the age that she likes to play on the beach, so I LOVED being able to relax in a chair and watch her for hours:)  

In a day or two we will be headed back to Birmingham.  Spring is officially here and I'll be working hard to finish all the orders I have so your kids can start enjoying spring clothes:)  Until then, here's a few pictures....

...and shorts for twins:)


GIRLY Bubbles

I LOVE how this bubble turned out.  I love the classic look and I LOVE seersucker!


Cute Lunchbags

I do a lot of monograming for Paper with Purpose, and thought you might like to see these bags...aren't they CUTE!  I've got several new Patch Appliques and can't wait to use them on these bags.  You can also find them on Facebook and they have some great spring specials! I've very thankful for their business and friendship....it's run by two sisters and they are both AMAZING!


Assortment of BOY Clothes

"Evan" JonJon - I LOVE this fabric!!!

Shirts with coordinating bottoms:)

Knit Gown


2 More Patterns

The Addison Dress/Top Pattern and the Sarah Top Pattern are now listed on my Etsy Site.  I had to bribe my child with candy to get her to try these clothes on....but we are finally finished with 2 more patterns (and I'm out of suckers)!


Shirts and Shorts

Oh, I've enjoyed the nice weather lately....except for today which was FREEZING.  Hope it doesn't last long.

Here are some shirts and shorts.  I have a supply of Monag shirts for this summer.  Let me know if you need a shirt to go with your shorts.

...and a couple of pants

(sorry the shirt looks weird...it was wet when I took the picture)