A few GIRLY things

We are back from our vacation and it went by WAY too fast:)  Here are a few things I finished and mailed right before we left to go out of town.  Have a great week...I'll be back with more pictures very soon!



It's been a busy couple of weeks.  I started teaching a couple of Algebra classes for the summer term at a local junior college.....Jordan celebrated the big 29...and now we are out of town to visit my family and friends for Memorial Day.  Seeing my family is always fun, AND being 20 minutes from the beach is a definite bonus.  EmK has been talking about it ALL week.  Oh, and did I mention that we started potty training this week:)  I'm not sure that my timing made a lot of sense.  I originally thought about this week because we were finally going to be at home for a few days now that school is over....but I wasn't thinking about our 4 hour drive after 4 days of potty training!  Thanks Brecca for suggesting the portable potty....worked GREAT:)  Here are a few boy pictures.  Enjoy your weekend!


Baby Stuff

**If you have purchased the Stella Top, I have added a new pattern size...it now comes in size 1.  If you will email me I will send you the updated files.**

This post is FULL of baby stuff!  I love doing baby gifts.  I feel like you get to be really creative.   My husband was a huge fan of the Alabama one...he asked me first thing who it was for.

I also LOVE these oversized bibs.  You can get them with our with an applique.  EmK has several and they really do save her clothes...plus they are SO cute!

Burpcloths - I haven't done very many lately.  My favorite is the putting green!  These are great gifts and high quality burpcloths so they wash up great!

...last but not least, a onesie requested with my sewing machine applique.  Simple and CUTE!


NEW Girl Items

I have TWO new baby items for GIRLS.....

Convertible Gowns with Pink Trim - size 3 months
Gown with monogram: $22

Ruffle Onesie sizes -  6, 12, 18 mo and I have white, light pink, and hot pink.  
Ruffle Onesie: $20 for applique (add name for $2.00)


Hooded Towel & Swimsuits

I've been busy monogramming gifts for teachers, graduates, and weddings.  25 bags and 20 towels done:)  I'm SO grateful for big orders, and it's a GREAT feeling to give them back to the owner:)

Last week I took a little time to work on something new.  I am constantly seeing things and saying "I can make that" but rarely get around to trying most of it.  My SIL got cute hooded towels as a gift for her twins, and when my mom told me about them I thought I should try to make some.

I LOVE how the towels turned out and I think it will be my new baby gift for people!  Jordan told me I should have made EmK one with an elephant due to his love (obsession) for Alabama football!

and here is a boy version I made as a gift for a sweet friend....

I thought you might like to see the swimsuit I made on my CUTE model:)  We went to the splash pad while visiting my family recently.  EmK wasn't sure if she really wanted to get wet until about 3 minutes before we got in the car.  I hope she warms up to water before our swim lessons.  

I know I've said this already, but if you sew, you MUST get this Sew Beautiful Pattern.  I made EmK a second suit (my sweet MIL actually put it together for me because I couldn't find the time).  Turned out just as cute!  


Ruffle Bloomers Pattern

is NOW in my etsy shop.  


CUTE Outfits!

EmK had a great visit at my parents...and I enjoyed visiting for a few days.  I'm back in town and sewing like crazy:)  I am hoping to get my Bloomers Pattern finished this week.  I have some really cute NEW stuff I made while EmK was away last week...BUT I can't post yet b/c a couple of them are gifts and I don't want to spoil it!

 Stay tuned:)