Shirts...Shorts...and Bloomers

I have done lots of shirts, shorts, and bloomers.  A lot of you have emailed me with questions about bloomers.  I'm working on a tutorial....hopefully I'll be done with it next week.

Hope all of you have a GREAT Easter!!!


GIRL Clothes

How about a few pictures and a SEWING TIP:)

For those of you out there sewing shorts, pants, or bloomers...this is for you!  Even if you buy "non-roll" elastic....it's still rolls sometimes when you wash a garment.  I got a pair of shorts for EmK last year on clearance from a popular brand and the first time I washed them the elastic was all twisted...frustrating!  Well, here's a quick solution.  After you sew the shorts/bloomers turn them right side and adjust your elastic so it's even through the waistband.   You want to do a few stitches (go forwards and backwards) in the actual front and back (or side) seams so that you stitch down the elastic.  This will help the elastic to not twist.  I can't promise it will NEVER turn again, but it's a lot less likely.  Since I've learned this trick my elastic in EmK's clothes has stayed perfect....and well she's got a lot of clothes with elastic:)


New Pattern Coming Soon

I made this dress months ago with the intention of drafting the pattern...then life and sewing made me forget ALL about it until I noticed it on the back on my door in my sewing room (aka my laundry room).  

You can do a ruffle in fabric instead of the eyelet.  I plan to make a seersucker one with a monogram.  Soon...very soon!

Here are a few pictures I snapped of EmK before school!  It was hard to pick just one:)

BOY Bubbles

Life has been busy.  I hope you enjoy the BOY Bubble Pictures.  I'll be back very soon with more pictures as I have a lot of girl (and a few boy outfits too) to finish and post.  


Just for FUN

I made this swimsuit for EmK.  The pattern came from the Sew Beautiful magazine (I LOVE finding this magazine in my mailbox).  I have material for one more and think I might do an applique instead of a monogram.  I'll have to snap a picture of EmK in this soon...hopefully it will be a picture of us playing at the beach:)  If you SEW you MUST get this pattern:)


Here are a few boy things I finished this past week.

I had an order for matching pants for brothers.  I tried a new style of pants for boys that have elastic at the ankles.  Not sure what to even call them, BUT they sure are cute!!!


MY Inspiration

This SWEET girl is the reason I sew:)  I LOVE her SO much...and it brings me great JOY to sew for her even into the early hours of the morning.  She is starting to figure out I make her clothes and when people comment she will say "mommy made this" even if I didn't:)  Oh, and she LOVES her hot pink sandals and would sleep in them IF we let her!

Shirt and Short/Bloomer Outfits
(you can now add ruffles to your bloomers)

A FEW things I've monogrammed or appliqued

(before you ask...not sure the brand of this dress...I got this at a trunk show sample sale last year...should have bought the entire box as it was 5 bucks)


New Top (kinda)

LOVE this top...it's basically the Ella Knot Top without the knots:)  The ties are on the top of the shoulder.  So that I can keep it apart for all the others, let's call it Kate.  

**Another new post below**

Fun Weekend!

We've had a fun weekend.  Memee (my mom) was here for 4 days!  Emily Kathryn LOVES "Fancy Nancy" so my brought her a Fancy Nancy nightgown and slippers.  It was so funny watching EmK try to keep the slippers on:)

I love when my mom visits...she's always so willing to help me do things I don't like to do alone...like cleaning out closets:)  We also made time to go shopping:) and get some cute spring clothes!  I feel like our long weekend visits go by WAY too fast!  While I hate that I don't live in the same town with my parents and siblings, I'm thankful they are only 4 hours away.  We love every single "happy" Memee!

Here's EmK in her new nightgown:)  I love the second picture...she was very serious in her attempts to keep these slippers on!

Back to sewing...here are a few boy items.....ENJOY!

 I have a customer who still loves my sewing machine appliques:)  Here are a few I did for her son.

(Paper with Purpose has these lunch bags)

My brother and sister-in-law have twin boys who are 6 months old, so while my mom was here I made them shirts to go with their bathing suits...and personalized towels:)