Sewing like CRAZY!!!

I think this is probably the BUSIEST i've ever been sewing.  THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!  I'm really pushing to get as much done as possible because our family is packing up and heading to the beach for a WEEK over Labor Day!  I can't wait!!!

Here are a few pictures from this last week....

I made a bunch of these pre-sale outfits, but I wanted to show you the elastic pants for boys and the bloomer pants for girls.

This is a new pants pattern where the ruffle starts at just below the knee.  I plan to make some for my daughter and I'll take a picture of her modeling them:)

AND this silly girl is WHY I sew....she thought my poster board was for us to draw her body:)  I guess she gets that from her MDO program where every single craft they made involled tracing or stamping her hands or feet.


Pre-Sale Outfits

I have a few more outfits to post for Pre-Sale.  I have a limited amount of fabric in each of these patterns.  You can change them up in little ways if you have something else in mind, and adding a name is FREE.  I have LIMITED amounts of fabric order before it's gone.  You can also just purchase the pants or shirt.

Update - I am sold out of the airplane fabric from the last sale, and have a couple yards of the Car fabric and Pink Dot Fabric.

Frill Shirt - $22
Double Ruffle Pants - $27
Girl Bloomer Pants - $22

Frill Shirt - $23
Ruffle Pants - $25

Boy Shirt - $20
Dot Pants - $22 (you can also add elastic to the bottom of the leg)

Girl Shirt - 22
Ruffle Pants - 25

Girl Shirt - $22
Ruffle Pants - $25

Girl Shirt - $22
Double Ruffle Pants - $27

Another shirt option with the ruffle pants


GIRL & BOY Outfits

Here's a few things I've finished this past week....


Catching up.....

I've been busy the last week trying to catch up from being on vacation.  THANKS to everyone who purchased my Pre-Sale Outfits.  I think I have them all ready to ship the first of this week AND then I'll have a few NEW Outfits to show you...plus a new pattern I'm trying!  Here's a few things I've done in between all those outfits.



Starting tomorrow afternoon, I will be on vacation for a week.  I've been making pants like crazy this week so that my list won't be so long when I get back.  I did squeeze in this one new thing because I've been wanting to try it for a while.  I always try to have at least 2 tops for each pair of pants I make for my daughter.  I'll be offering this outfit when I get back with this shirt or an appliqued shirt...maybe an owl:)  Have a great week!

Don't forget you can order Knit Dresses or Rompers through Saturday.



It's been a busy week as we get ready to head to the beach for a WEEK!!!   I'm giving my finals this Thursday and it will be great to spend a week with my family relaxing.  I've also been SEWING like crazy to try and get as much done before I leave.  Here are a few boy things I just finished.

Be sure to check out the "In-stock Fabric" tab on my blog to see fabric I currently have in stock.  I can also order fabric, but this is a list of everything I have on hand.