This is one of my favorite fabrics. It's amazing how many different things you can do with the same fabric.

Happy Memorial Weekend!!!!

Caroline Dress - 18mo


Shorts for Siblings

Ice-cream applique done by Stacey


Fabric Sale

One of the fabric stores I shop at is having a Pre-Memorial Sale on Thursday. Email me if there is some fabric you want me to pick up. I'll be stopping by Thimbles for their sale on Thursday!!! Check out the details below:

20% Off all Novelty Prints, Dots, Seersucker and Floral Fabrics.
40% Off select group of fabrics


Sock Monkey

I've been wanting to try this project for a while...and tomorrow I'm helping with a baby shower SO now is my chance. He might need to stay on a shelf once baby R get's older. I let EmK hold him and she tried to pull off his eyes:) I should have added some stitching on his ears, but I had them attached by the time I realized. Not bad for my first sock monkey. I have also seen a bunny that I think is very cute! Somebody out there have a girl so I can try it!

I also made this for the baby. I think this brown and blue plaid is so cute!


Skirts and Flower Pins

My niece turns 10 this weekend and I wanted to make something special for her. If you follow my blog you know that she came to visit a few months ago and I attempted to take her to the fabric store.....and well we were there a while because she's VERY picky! I guess that's typical of a 10 year old. I'm really hoping I got this outfit "right" and hopefully she will think her aunt is cool. I'm off to get this gift in the mail....I still love getting packages in the mail, so I'm hoping she loves it too since I can't deliver the gift in person:)

A "close-up" of my flower incase you want a better look:)

I happened to be discussing my project with a friend and she LOVED the idea of the fabric flower and skirt so I got to make a second one. I was so excited about this fabric that I called her as soon as I left the store. I LOVE the fabric store!!!


A New Top

Emily Kathryn has this cute outfit and I wanted to "duplicate" it even though there's no pattern to purchase. Up until now, I've really been all about a pattern. I don't like having to think about what the length should be or taking tons of measurements on my child who doesn't like to sit still:)

Overall, I think it turned out really cute and I'd definitely make it again!! EmK's closet is pretty full with summer stuff, but this is a definite for next year. The hard part about being able to sew is that I get tempted to buy for Emily Kathryn when I have to go get fabric for other people:)

SARAH Top w/Bloomers

The Front

The Back


Birthday Outfits

Below is a picture of outfits I made for a birthday party. The mom wanted coordinating outfits for her son and daughter. How fun!!!


Baby Boy Bubbles

Here are a few boy bubbles I just finished.


Bishop Construction

If you know how to smock, but aren't sure how to put your bishop together, I'd be happy to help. My price includes buttons for the back and elastic for the sleeves. Here are a few dresses I've smocked and put together.

P.S. My child looks so little and it's fun to see how much her hair has grown when you compare these to recent pictures:)


Old and New Favorite

I've always loved this plaid for little boys -- it comes in a stripe too:)

....but I have to say that as soon as I started sewing this orange seersucker I fell in love. This is definitely a favorite now!!! It's even cuter in person:)

Such great ideas if I have a little boy one day!


Baby Boy

I just finished an order for a baby boy who is due this summer.

3 month Bubble

3 month Bubble

Elephant onesie for this Alabama fan!