Baby Gowns

Look closely at this elephant....it's called a "reverse" applique and you place the fabric on the underside of the garment and cut out the knit gown after the stitching is complete. I saw this applique in a boutique in Birmingham and thought it was so cute! I was excited when I came across it on an applique site.


I've been making LOTS of girly things! I'm trying to finish all my orders before we start traveling on Tuesday for the holidays. I'm looking forward to celebrating Christmas with my family and with my in-laws....and I can't wait to head to the beach for New Year's.


Christmas Shirts

and matching pants to go with this one


Knit Dresses

I made theses dresses for a friend who is taking her kids (3 girls and 1 boy) to Disney early next year. The girls are wearing these to their Princess Breakfast....how fun!

And, I got another email from someone wanting this for her daughter...I thought it was such a CUTE idea! I can't wait to give it to her.


Girl Appliques

...Happy MONDAY! I've been trying to catch up so I can enjoy some time off before Christmas:) I have mainly been working on Christmas stuff, but here's a few other things I finished last week. Have a GREAT day!



A customer requested a "bubble skirt" and here it is. It turned out SO cute! I had to take a quick picture before she took it with her today.

Sizes: 2-8
Price: $14.00

AND....THANKS SO MUCH for all the interest in these....
I mailed the last 4 yesterday! Merry Christmas:)


Recent Orders

Here are a few things I finished before heading out of town again. After celebrating Thanksgiving with my husband's family, EmK and I went to my parents so my sister and I could go shopping on Black Friday. We hit the outlets at midnight and lasted until around 11am. I think my sister probably could have lasted ALL day, but I was REALLY struggling! It was so fun and entertaining! We had all these plans and lists.....it definitely needs to be a tradition. Now I'm off to bed VERY early to try and catch up on my sleep!



It's been a crazy week....and it's only tuesday:)

We had a great trip to Louisiana (minus getting some kind of stomach bug half way through the ride). I love visiting my family.....all the traditions....the late night chats:) Now the sickness has moved to our daughter. She's finally getting better! Monday I spent the entire day holding her...which is not like her. While I hated to see her so sick I tried to live in the moment and just enjoy holding her because she never lets me do that since she's always on the GO:)

Back to sewing....I FINALLY finished the pajamas for the kiddos in my family and hopefully we can get a CUTE picture for my parent's Christmas card (if so I'll be sure to post it). I had these great plans to take a picture of all 6 sets outside, but I just didn't have the time.

I also finished pajamas for two sweet sisters:) I LOVE all the flannel prints that are in a local store here. I've always wanted to make something with them...and pajamas seem like the perfect choice:)

Back to sewing...a few more things to finish before THANKSGIVING:)


Christmas Outfits

I have been SOOO busy sewing!!! I have lots of Christmas orders to complete but they are on hold because I'm leaving tomorrow for an 8 hour car ride to visit my family in Louisiana. Oh I hope the ride goes by fast! I love visiting my dad's family, but I'm nervous about the car ride with our 2 year old:)

Here's a few pictures until next week!


Shirts and Pants

I love this crown. It's for a 5 year old....hope she likes it b/c I sure do!!

....and this is for her brother.



Hey everyone! I'm selling these super cute holiday towels. I been working like crazy this week to get as many of them done as I can. I have 10 of each design and they are $14.00 each. Let me know if you want one...two...three:) I think they make great Christmas gifts especially for teachers....and I will wrap them as well in tissue and a clear bag....just like the cute little stores do it:)


SEW Cute

I've worked on LOTS of cute things this past week. I love seeing what people bring me. There are so many CUTE shirts out there...along with rompers and dresses and.....the list could go on forever:) Enjoy the pictures!

LOVE this polka dot...wish I could justify buying EmK more material b/c I would definitely get this, but I'm trying to resist:)



...and most likely to their owner by now:) Here are a few orders I had last week.

This is my favorite turkey...and I love this paisley fabric...it has every fun color imaginable:)