Pants and Shirts...

CUSTOM OUTFITS FOR SALE (I have a few yards of each of these fabrics)

(only white shirts available)

(you can choose any of the 3 fabrics found in the Christmas Tree Applique)

...and one yard of each of these.  email me if you are interested in the fabric.



Here are a few outfits I finished this week.


It's Already November...

I can't believe it's already November.  The last few months have just flown by.  I've been busy sewing and daydreaming about a BOY nursery:)  Yes we are having a BOY!  We found out a couple of weeks ago.  It's funny because when I was pregnant with Emily Kathryn I didn't even have my own sewing machine....I borrowed my sister's to make a few burp cloths.  It's crazy to think how far I'm come in sewing since then.  I have never really done home decor sewing, but this past summer I made my first set of curtains for Emk's big girl room (I'll share pictures at some point....I just keep forgetting to take them).  Now I plan to make BB's (Baby Barrow because we have no name) bedding:) I'll be honest, I don't actually know what I'm doing, but I've ordered the fabric and we will see what happens.  A friend told me yesterday about a seamstress she knows so I guess if I get in over my head (I'm probably there already) I can always call for help:)

This is my SWEET helper!  She LOVES to "help" me sew and take pictures:) 



I just got back from spending the weekend in Atalanta with two of my best friends (and old roommates).  It's been way too long since we got to spend a couple of days together.  I LOVED all the girl talk and shopping:) and knowing I had this trip planned definitely motivated me to get lots of sewing finished before I left:)

Here are a few girl things....

.....and a lot of BOY stuff!!