FABRIC for Sale

I'm selling some fabric I have left after my recent Boy Pants Special so I can make room for spring.  My sewing area is overflowing with fabric.  Email me if you want to order any of these.  sewhappybycarrie@gmail.com



First, how CUTE are these two:)

I need to post all these on my "In-Stock Fabric" page but until, here's the new fabrics I have.  

....and here's a few pants I've finished (and actually took pictures)


New Fabric and Outfits

** All the cotton dresses from the previous post have been sold.  If you ordered one, my goal is to have them ready and shipped by the weekend. 

** Check out the Fabric Tab or on Facebook to see new fabrics I added.  I have chevrons coming but haven't had time to post that yet.

** Two outfit specials.  Order by Thursday if you are interested - sewhappybycarrie@gmail.com.  I LOVE the Stella top/dress because it can be worn all year.  I just add a long sleeve shirt and fun tights for the winter months.**

THANKS for looking and have a GREAT day!



It's been a long time since I've blogged.  I'm still sewing away but I've been doing a lot of custom work so I try not to post those items because I can't always duplicate.  

I have the following dresses for sale.  I have LIMITED SIZES so you must email me to order - sewhappybycarrie@gmail.com

Price - $30
Sizes - 12mo - 5T
Colors - pink, turquoise, navy, yellow

Dresses are all done by hand with my sewing machine -- NO embroidery machine was used on these precious things:)

I am so in LOVE that I'll be keeping one of each sample for EmK.  


FALL Samples

I have been sewing all summer but since it's hard to fit in the sewing time the pictures and blog post have been nonexistent.  I'm sure everyone is starting to think about Fall clothes for their kids.  Here are some samples I've done with fabric I have in stock.  You can check out all the fabric I have in stock on the tab located at the top of my blog.  My turnaround is 2-3 weeks.  As I type this I'm getting ready to go to the beach for a week.  Feel free to send me an email if you have questions or want to order.  I will not start sewing again until after August 9th so any orders placed will be around 3 weeks for turnaround.  Thanks so much for supporting my sewing business:)

Girls Shirts - $23
Boy Shirts - $21
Girl Pants - $25 ($27 with ricrac)
Boy Pants - $23


Outfits for SALE

It's been a couple of months since I've posted.  I figured since I was about to start teaching again I might as well start sewing again too:)  We are adjusting to life with two kids and I'm planning to sew when I can find the time.

I have several outfits for sale and you can email me if you have questions or want to purchase one(sewhappybycarrie@gmail.com).   All sets come as shown.  LIMITED QUANTITY (some fabrics I have one yard or less).  Shipping not included in sale price, but I'm more than happy to mail them to you.

GIRL outfits - $35, shirts come in even sizes, shorts 1-6
BOY outfits - $30, shirts come in even sizes, shorts 1-6





....a LITTLE more sewing:)

Hi friends!  So, I'm getting close to the 38 weeks mark which is when I had Emily Kathryn.  My doctor will likely induce at 39 weeks if Grayson hasn't already decided to come on his own.  I am currently limiting orders.  Since we are taking it day by day, I can't commit to have any orders out before the first week of April.  If time allows I might be able to ship before then, but I just don't want to worry about delayed orders.  I know you will all understand.  If you have questions, feel free to email me and I will answer them as they come.  We are SO excited about this new addition and can't wait to finally have him here.....the time has gone by SO fast.  Enjoy some new pictures;)

....several RUFFLE tops/dresses

.....a few boy outfits

....girl romper

....sibling shirts for two of my favorite kids:)

 ...some girl outfits -- LOVE these BUBBLE shorts with the button tabs:)

....LOVE LOVE these matching boy and girl outfits...the FROGS are felt:) and I have a few left

....and last here's a special outfit I made for EmK after seeing a lady at a show using this fabric -- sorry but I don't have any extra fabric left:(