My mom came to visit today and I am excited to spend a little time with her (and go shopping).  Here are a few GIRLY things I finished this week.  If you ordered Halloween shirts I'm just about done and will finish the last few at the first of the week.

I LOVE this skirt and the addition of the ruffles:)



I've made 10 bubbles this month...I guess it really does stay warm longer than it seems.

ALSO....Check out my IN-STOCK FABRIC tab because I'm always adding new stuff....check out a few below...



Fall is here!  The weather has been so nice here...now I can finally see some of the pants on your sweet kids:)  THANKS to all of you who bought the pre-sale outfits.  I think I'm currently all caught up on those.  Here's a few other girls things I've finished the last couple of weeks.

LOVE this look from...can't wait to make some for EmK