Baby Gowns

Here are a few orders I have had for baby gowns.  How CUTE is the Alabama inspired gown....LOVE it!  I just love these gowns:)


JonJons - "Tanner"

While I definitely feel like I sew a lot more girl items than boy....I've worked on a lot of boy clothes lately.  It makes me want to find new patterns and try new stuff.  I just wish I had more time to experiment:)  

I'm still working on new patterns and hope to have 2 more out next week!  


CUTE Girl Outfits

...the ties are tied really close to the top so you can see the shorts:)

t-shirt to match the shorts from above...2 different outfits using 1 pair of shorts


Girl Outfits

Here are a couple of outfits I finished this week.  All this sewing for spring makes me want this warm weather to stick around!!  


NEW Jonjon - EVAN

Here's a new JonJon I have - we will call it EVAN.  It's a square front lined jonjon with elastic under the arms....SO CUTE!  If I had a boy, he would be in these all summer:) Sizes: 1, 18mo, 2, 3, and 4


Summer Bubble Pattern...

is NOW posted on my etsy site and here are a couple more pictures.  I love how the linen and stripe turned out...very cute for a little boy!!



I just finished this order and thought you might like to see some pictures.  I love the pockets!!!  I'll have to do cuffed pants this fall...or even lined pants!  


NEW VENTURE (and CUTE clothes)

I've decided to add another little something to my plate....pattern design.  Many of my great customers email me all the time asking if I can make this or that.  I'm always up for a new pattern, but they can be VERY hard to find.  The last couple of months, I've really made several things just using my own drawings...so I thought WHY not put a tutorial together and see if it might sell....I can't be the ONLY one in need of CUTE patterns!

So all that to say, I now have an ETSY site where you can purchase patterns that I design.  Of course I'll continue to buy patterns, but I'm excited about creating patterns (and actually using my engineering degree a little).

HOW CUTE IS THIS BUBBLE!!!!  I call it "Summer Bubble" and I'm finishing up the pattern tutorial as we speak....so hopefully I'll have it on etsy very soon.  Until then here's a few pictures.


...and while I was testing my pattern, I made one for EmK hoping she would model for me.  It's tough getting a 2 year old to stand still:)


I HEART Sailboat Fabric

...and I just wanted you to see how cute the Harlowe Top is with bloomers



Here are a few bubbles I've been working on. I have a few more that still need buttons....AND I have a PRECIOUS new bubble pattern coming soon that I've been drafting!

Boy Diaper Cover

I have been SEWING like crazy. More pictures to come.....


Valentine's Day Shirts

Here are a couple of shirts I made last week.....